Project description

Main Features

Parking management in outdoor environments through real-time image processing

The standard system is composed by one or more cameras which monitors a defined zone and controls electronic displays remotely

The information in electronic displays will guide drivers to find quickly the closest parking place available

Parking spaces monitoring 24 hours without interruption

Reliable in different lighting conditions                                                 

All data gathered can be sent by cable or wireless technology



- A single camera is equivalent to multiple sensors embedded in pavement

- Able to create smart cameras networks

- Configurable system according to parking features

- Possibility to use or integrate the SR-OPS also as a video surveillance system

- Easy installation, without large-scale works or holes in the road surface

- Powered by solar energy (optional)



- Detection of free parking spaces

- Parking guidance:

 -Indication of the parking spaces per sector

 - Allow drivers to find a free space quickly

- Vehicle detection

- Systems of parking management:

 - Car parking monitoring

 - Collection of statistical data