Project description

The road stud infrared for enforcement system (SR-IRL45) developed by SERNIS intended to enlighten and enable the identification of car plates, exceeding the speed limit.

This stud - unique in the world and patented - is placed on the road surface allowing a more precise area to be illuminated.

On approaching a vehicle over the speed limit, detected by any speed enforcement system, the SR-IRL45 illuminates the car plate allowing a more effectively night reading. The light projection is performed from the bottom up allowing a higher efficiency in the area of interest – car plate.

Usually the traditionally infrared lights for speed enforcement systems are placed in the lateral track of the road or gantry solutions, at a significant distance from vehicles in circulation and respective car plates. The further approximation of SR-IRL45 of the zone of interest achieves a much higher quality of nighttime images requiring much less power than other standard infrared lights.

This product points out another very significant advantage: it come to be a much more discrete component of the overall speed enforcement system, and its installation in the road surface significantly reduces the odds of vandalism, contrary to what happens in the current solutions. 

The SR-IRL45 is provided, at its top, infrared LED light, a power control board and the LED heat sink to increase the LED lifetime. The stud have an aluminum/stainless steel housing, that is prepared to resist to all types of road traffic.