Project description

Main Features

The SR-IPS Indoor Parking System solution is designed to enable strategic management of the car parking by maximizing the occupancy rate of parking places and minimizing waiting times.

The SR-IPS is a solution that offers to driver qualitative information that quickly will forward him to the closest parking place available. This information is available from outside the park until the own parking spot.                                                                   



- Versatility: personalize the system according to the specifications of each park

- Reduction of energy consumption

- Improvement of the service level

- Revenue increasing

- Eco-friendly: reduction of CO2 emissions into atmosphere


Standart system

Sensors: It will be installed a sensor / lighting signal, to know in real time the parking’s state of occupation and transmit the information to drivers

Indoor displays: Inside the park, at each bifurcation it will have a display with an arrow and 10cm digits with the indication of the number of free places in the hallway. Thus, drivers will be guided to the nearest available space

Outdoor display: Placing a display in the outside access to the park, to inform in real time the number of free parking spaces available inside

Parking monitoring software: The parking management software allows visualize online and in real-time the state of occupancy of parking; enables monitoring all active elements of the system from sensors/signals to interior or exterior displays. Also allows the extraction of a set of statistical reports on the use of the park and can be easily integrated with other systems such as systems barriers or customer loyalty systems.