Project description




Integrated system developed to detect the possibility of ice formation on roads and alert drivers, at the same time, with visual warnings so they can reduce their speed and drive carefully.

The system consists of a Transmitter which analyses the information and transmits to the Receiver. Whenever there is possibility of ice formation, the Receiver triggers the warning system, which keep operating until effective temperature and humidity stabilises again.

Ice Detection System

- SR-IDS Transmitter: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, RF transmitter, controller

   - Get the measurements and process the information by RF to the SR-IDS Receiver

- SR-IDS Receiver: RF receiver, controller

   - Takes the information from the SR-IDS Transmitter

   - Receptor module Remote Ice Adviser sets warning signals when there is probability of ice formation on road


Warning System

- Road Studs

- Vertical LED Sign ‘Remote Ice Adviser’


Technical Features

- Devices integrated on road stud: RF Transmission, humidity sensor, temperature sensor

- Ultra bright LED working as an intelligent stud

   - Green light: No ice

   - Red light: Possibility of ice formation

- Road stud recommended: SR-45

   - Mechanical resistance: 120 tons

   - Robust construction, suitable for harsh conditions

   - Resists to the passage of snow plough machines

- Transmission range up to 250m

- Communication at 433 Mhz

- Data rate up to 9.6Kbps

- Power Supply: 12 V DC

- Low power conception; enable for solar power supply system