Sports LED Display


Project description

Sports LED Displays are mostly used for football and basketball games. Stadium LED displays have large size with long viewing distance.


- Sports LED displays have a very high refresh rate at Max.9600Hz. The pictures are more stable in LED displays and there is no loss of visual information when is broadcasting.

- Have super wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate and high conformity on both color and brightness, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

- LED cabinets are thin and lighter in order to save transportation costs.

- LED display systems include control system, power supply, software, accessories, frames, installation construction drawings and other services.

- Sports LED displays can be installed in different climate areas all over the world. It works at low temperature as -20 Degrees and high temperature as +60 Degree. It also works in high humidity and high salty air environments such as seaside because our cabinets are moisture-proof and salt-proof.