Project description

Non evasive Tumor removal system

System that will help on surgeries for removal of tumors through the use of Augmented Virtual Reality, tridimensional laser technology and use of activation of photocatalytic triggered elements. With this solution, system enables "point-to-point" treatment, triggering substances with the "light" using two lasers in a 3D configuration, with adjustable amplitude and variable frequency.

The interception point of the two lasers - with this particular frequency - will be the trigger of an existing substance in this space for a controlled process of annihilation of living matter, point to point.

Nano technology it is responsibly to create a black box with special therapy inside. This black box works like a sensor that opens and releases inside substance when receives a special frequency as trigger.

That frequency will be created by conjugation of 3D laser system.

Augmented Virtual Reality will take care of solid space coordinates to create an automatic base of points to treat.