360 Degree LED Display


Project description

360 Degree LED Display changed the concept of LED displays by offering a wider visual area and allowing more viewers to see it at the same time.

Unlike traditional LED Displays, 360 Degree LED Display allows viewers to enjoy high definition and vivid image in a radius of ten meters. 360 Degree LED Display are the next generation LED displays by providing economic feasibility and high resolution.

With unique 360-degree visibility and the high resolution and contrast, they’re becoming the new eye-catching tools for advertising. It can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.



- 360-degrees circular viewing angle

- Visible from any direction

-True colors and high color uniformity.

- Outdoor use with 7,000 cd/m2 brightness to be visible at the daylight

- High resolution and contrast

- Perfect compatibility of input devices: DVD, VCD, PC, etc.

- Excellent reliability of Built-in control card without PC or synchronous controlled with PC.