Project description

“In Nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” - Lavoisier – Founder of Modern Chemistry

Thanks to its unique combinations of minerals and chemical products, ntextile is safe and efficient. The fact that this product can be applied to any kind of textile brings it a multiplicity of different uses and reaches. Its transversal utility for Health, Well-Being, and Sports reinforces the potential of this product, and its different applicability possibilities make it undeniable in its utility.

The bioceramics product developed by Sernis is composed mainly by the mineral Tourmaline combined with other elements to optimize its action without adding any harmful effect. Tourmaline is a mineral which composition is mainly silica, boron and aluminum. This mineral has being used, in the past of thousands of years, for its benefic action in the organism in diverse techniques in modern and ancient medicine, as well as in pagan rituals. However, the associations of the different components in ntextile results in a product that sets itself apart by its safety and its efficiency.

The elements combination made in our labs is the perfect equation for a FIR radiation in a delicate balance of effectiveness and safety.

The ntextile product presents itself in a solution for textile stamping, to give the fabrics the intended properties.