Project description

Closed circuit for bath and shower

Closed self-cleaning water system. System makes use of same water all the time.

The device have a set of water reservoirs, with dimensions that can be adjusted to the number of people who will use the device in a closed water circuit that will be able to dispense the water for a shower and collects it again.

A real time water filter, using an intelligent organic system inside will be responsibly for water filtering and for system cleaning. Nano particles referred to graphine morphology in a very special configuration are used to filter instantly the water to reutilize again, and the waste will have a special treatment using special set of virus to eat and to treat organic particles, cleaning the filter. Photocatalysis process activated by UV Leds it is used to hygiene the water.


Solar modules can be used to heat the water and to power the small water pump and the UV LEDs and system can be closed in complete self-water device.