Mobile LED display


Project description

Mobile LED display are the solution to make sure you reach the widest, most appropriate audience for your event or campaign. Whether if it's a conference, a concert, a political event or fundraising drive, any message can go anywhere thanks to the easiness and convenience of LED video screen rental capabilities. (Ph10mm, Ph12mm, Ph16mm for your Choices)

Mobile LED Display are portable LED displays with high video definition and easily to move. They are available for private and corporate events. The truck LED Display give you the ability to host a rocking party, unique lifetime event, or revenue-generating advertising or paid event. It is also a new way of advertising: imagine the truck LED display playing the advertisement in roads or in the highway.


Specifications and Advantages

- High resolution, and Wide Viewing angle and Long viewing distance.

- Self-contained whisper-quiet generator.

- Weather-proof outside display screen; run day or night, inside or out, rain or shine.

- Basic AV playback equipment including DVD, Computer, VHS sources and Audio.

- Units are highly mobile, set up quickly and easily, and can be moved easily to be used throughout event locations and venues. Giving you unlimited access!