Drop Counter


Project description


Developed for medical application the Stand-Alone Drop Counter is a device for IV drops falling, according to the number of drops previously memorized and selected by the operator.

The device can be easily installed in any serum dispenser due to its small size and low weight, which does not require any auxiliary support structure. The Drop Counter also has high autonomy, is easily configured and can reproduce visual and audio alarms. The alarm system warns the user in case of any malfunction, as changes in the flow rate, the absence of serum, pipe disruption or others unpredictable factors.

Key features

Detection: Function “Learn” for a fast memorization of the drop fall selected; system of detection through infrared.

High Portability System: Powered with rechargeable lithium battery that ensures a continuous operation.

Autonomy: Battery with a high autonomy for a continuous operation over 200 days without recharge.

Visual Signals and Alarms: Audio and visual alarms are automatically turned on when any error (alteration or interruption of the infusion rate) is detected.



Drop Counter won a silver medal in health and paramedical category in the 42nd edition of the international exhibition of inventions in Geneva.