Project description


Dermbee is a transparent device with high Sun Protection Factor which works as filter that ensure effective protection against ultraviolet rays UVA/UVB in a practical and effective way.

DERMBEE has passed the Ultraviolet Label - UV Standard 801 - certification tests carried out by CITEVE, making it the only umbrella with UV protection index above 80 degrees.

This innovative parasol blocks UV rays but allows to pass all the other sun properties like infrared rays, keeping the sunlight with the respective heat sensation. Moreover, also provides optimal protection against sunburn and avoids the loss of the skin's natural defences against sun damages.

Dermbee allows people enjoy the sun safely, with a constant protection, even when the time in the sun exposure is most critical for humans.


Filtered sunlight

Safe sunbathing, anytime of the day

Constant protection against harmful sun rays

Suitable for every ages and skin types

Prevent the sun's ultraviolet radiation from damaging the skin

Decrease the risks of sun burns and skin injuries

Neutralises the skin damage that sun exposure cause over the long run



DermBee won a bronze medal in health and paramedical category in the 42nd edition of the international exhibition of inventions in Geneva