Advertising LED Display


Project description

Advertising LED Display with the high reliability for outdoor led billboard, it is waterproof, high quality, long viewing distance to show the videos for outdoor events. It uses the Virtual Pixel technology for four times resolution.


- Can be installed in different climate areas all over the world. It works at low temperature as   -20 Degrees and high temperature as +60 Degree without AC for cooling. This will save the cost of AC and power.

- Newest LEDs are applied to the LED screen, Outdoor LED display brightness is ?8,000 cd/m2, and its horizontal viewing angle is ?140°; Vertical viewing angle is ?70°.

- LED Displays brightness is automatically adjusted based on the environment.

- SERNIS display solution include a remote control, monitor and diagnostic systems, which save maintenance cost - 20% lower and power consumption. Outdoor LED advertising Display control system comes with double-backup system.

- Cutting-edge pixel by pixel technology is applied in our Adverting LED display, making the whole LED Screen achieve the best color and brightness consistence.

- Visual pixel technology applied to the LED Display, gives it four times of resolution with the same quantity of LED lamps.

- LED display systems include control system, power supply, software, accessories, frames, installation construction drawings and other services.

- Standard Cabinet Design: the same cabinet size fits different pixel pitches, reducing the installation, design and frame production cost.