Zero Accidents in Crosswalks | Case Study

CLIENT: Braga Municipality

PROJECT: Improving safety on crosswalks (Lighting system)

COUNTRY: Portugal

SECTOR: Road Safety

EQUIPMENT: Electric luminaire IL-LSLC-E-F-30W/C, Road Studs SR-45AWW-2G, Vertical Signs SRL-H7/70W, Power kit rechargeable by electric network


Over the past few years has been evident the concern of Braga Municipality with Road Safety. The municipality devotes much effort to improve the conditions and management of road safety in the city.

In this way, the city council is constantly searching for solutions that can effectively contribute to reducing road traffic accidents.


Located at the roundabout near to schools of Real’s parish in the city of Braga, the crosswalk had poor lighting and was situated extremely close to the roundabout making it hard for drivers to see when people were passing the crosswalk, especially at night.

The crosswalk was put in question the physical integrity of hundreds of students who passed by on a daily basis.

In the past few years, there were several accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians. The most serious accident occurred at the beginning of 2014 and caused serious wounded.

The city of Braga unanimously approved the recommendation for placement of lighting at crossings of Real, including the roundabout near the schools, with respective strengthening lights on adjacent poles.


Increase lighting and visibility of the crosswalk with light reinforcement of adjacent poles so that people, especially students who pass there every day, can cross the street safely.

SERNIS Crosswalk Night

Project Description

Electric luminaire IL-LSLC-E-F-30W/C

SR-45 Road Stud

       9 x SR-45 with 8 white LED’s

Vertical Signs

       3 x Crosswalk signs with 6 white LED’s on each corner

Power kit rechargeable by electric network

LED Signs


  • Many types of signs and sizes
  • Ultra-brightness LEDs
  • Easy to adapt to any signal
  • Constant current drivers to maximize the life time of the LEDs
  • Programmable
  • High distance visibility, day and night
  • Possibility of solar power supply
  • Easy to fix
  • High reliability
  • LEDs Color: Amber, Red, White, Blue, Green

Luminaire IL-LSLC-E-F-30W/C

sernis LED Luminaire

  • LED POWER: 30W
  • Luminous Flux: From 2000lm up to 7000lm
  • Color Temperature: Cool, neutral or warm white
  • Protection Index: IP66
  • Housing Material: Aluminum and stainless steal
  • Product Color: RAL 9007 (other colors upon request)
  • Application: Solar energy or electrical

Road Stud SR-45

SERNIS Road Studs Crosswalk

  • Robust construction, suitable for harsh conditions
  • Ideal for areas of snow
  • High brightness day or night
  • Possibility of integration with control traffic devices
  • PC remote controlling
  • Communication protocol
  • Wired system for solar power or grid
  • Low maintenance

Improvement in Road Traffic Safety

  • After the installation of the project it has been verified a clear improvement in Road Traffic Safety:
  • There isn’t a single register of accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians 
  • Road accident rate declined to zero
  • Increase of drivers attention focused on traffic
  • Free of victims with serious injuries
  • Vehicles lower average speed
  • High increase of pedestrians’ safety level
  • SR-45 Road Stud at Crosswalk

Client Feedback

The pedestrian crossing in Real had serious security problems mainly because of poor visibility. The setting itself was also the factor of insecurity.

The construction of “refuge" in the middle of the road has improved security conditions. The light signalization is shown as an important factor in pedestrian crossing safety conditions since it was considerably increased the visibility of road users.

The intervention reduced to zero the number of accidents. This alone would be a reason to consider the work performed as a good investment.

Feedback from the school community and users from the Real Parish Council is excellent.

Eng. Alfredo Barata, Road Safety Division, Braga Municipality