There is more to life than increasing its speed

Today (September 21) is the European Day Without A Road Death and between 10am and 12am SERNIS and GNR of Braga promoted a "STOP Operation" carried out by GNR in 3 entrances of the city of Braga. With this action, we wanted to raise awareness to drivers to the need to drive at speeds within the set limit and at appropriate speeds. The brochures were distributed to drivers with relevant information, in which we asked whether "Arriving 5 minutes early is worth the risk?" Showing the differences between a collision at 50 km/h and a collision at 80 km/h can cause in a child.

Throughout the morning, actions were carried out in three places in Braga: Variante do Fojo, Circular Sul de Braga and Alívio (Vila Verde). About 300 vehicles were stopped by the GNR, but saw with relief that the GNR was not there to fine them for speeding, but to make them aware of the dangers of speeding.

Most drivers admitted that speeding was a common occurrence and often did so without being aware of it. Some have already become aware of the danger of driving at excessive speeds, especially since they have children and more respect the speed limits when they were present in the cars.

The awareness campaign was well received by the population and they were shocked by the damage caused by an 80Km/h accident to a child.

With a campaign based on Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote "There is more to life than increasing its speed", SERNIS and GNR intend to raise awareness in population of Braga to the dangers of driving above the speed limit. That the "immediate pleasure" of taking the accelerator and the "reward" of taking less time to get from A to B may have a much higher price than what the unconscious conveys to it.

There were 1.2 million road deaths in 2016. The World Health Organization's "Managing Speed" report reveals that speeding has contributed to one of three major road traffic crashes in the world.