SR-VL: Vehicles Entry & Exit Awareness for Pedestrians

Listen to our customers and meeting their needs is essential to us. We constantly develop new products taking into account our partner's feedback and needs.

At SERNIS, each project is handled individually and we do our best to offer tailor-made solutions and not standard ones.

Not long ago, our partner Sunsky came to us with a specific project and we worked together to find the best solution for it. Today we want to share it with you.


Sunsky needed to implement a solution that would warn the pedestrians for the entrance and exit of vehicles in parking lots. The cognitive distraction from smartphone use reduces pedestrians’ situation awareness, increases unsafe behavior and puts pedestrians at greater risk for accidents. So, they needed to do something to increase distracted pedestrians’ attention.


Although we developed the SR-VL road stud range to illuminate historic areas and pedestrian zones where it is necessary to project vertical lighting, this was the perfect product for that application.


Sunsky installed SR-35VL at the junction of the entrance of the parking lot and the sidewalk. When the vehicles enter or exits, a warning light – the road studs have red LEDs - is issued to remind pedestrians to pay attention and stay safe.

This up lighted road studs are very powerful with high brightness LEDs visible from up 1 kilometer away, making them perfect to catch the attention of distracted pedestrians.


According to Albert Lin, Sales & Marketing/Director of Sunsky, “SR-VL let us have one more way to remind pedestrians when crossing vehicle entrances and exits, effectively reducing pedestrian accidents due to inattentive vehicle traffic, especially when pedestrians are using mobile phones. We highly recommended the use of SR-VL for the same application”.