SR-ECO-BALI Nominated for Green Globe Award at Intertraffic Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that SERNIS, a leading innovator in road safety solutions, has been nominated for the prestigious Intertraffic Awards 2024 in the Green Globe Award category for its revolutionary product - SR-ECO-BALI.


SERNIS, in collaboration with DSTelecom, proudly presents SR-ECO-BALI, an eco-friendly bollard crafted from challenging-to-decompose optical fiber cables. Optical fiber cables, vital for high-speed data transmission in our interconnected world, pose a significant recycling challenge due to their intricate composition, including glass fibers, plastic coatings, and occasional metallic elements. The need to replace aging cables has led to an increase in cable waste, with approximately 150,000 tons generated annually in Germany alone.

Innovative Solution

In a groundbreaking move, SERNIS and DSTelecom have joined forces to repurpose retired optical fiber cables, giving them a new life as SR-ECO-BALI bollards. This sustainable solution not only addresses environmental concerns but also enhances safety and offers versatility. SR-ECO-BALI is specifically designed for areas requiring clear delineation and visibility, such as parking lots, urban centers, and road infrastructure.

Environmental Impact

The SR-ECO-BALI bollard is more than just a safety solution; it is a commitment to environmental sustainability. By repurposing old optical fiber cables and using recycled materials for other bollard elements, SERNIS is making a positive impact on the industry. The distinctive feature of utilizing decommissioned cables sets SR-ECO-BALI apart by addressing the difficult decomposition of optical fiber cables.

Intertraffic Awards 2024 Nomination

The potential positive impact of SR-ECO-BALI on the industry has earned it a nomination for the Green Globe Award at the Intertraffic Awards 2024 in Amsterdam. This recognition reflects the product's transformative approach, turning waste into a functional solution, and showcases SERNIS and DSTelecom's commitment to environmental sustainability.

We invite you to stay tuned for updates on the Intertraffic Awards ceremony, where SR-ECO-BALI has the chance to make a significant mark in the Green Globe Award category. Your support and enthusiasm for sustainable innovations like SR-ECO-BALI play a crucial role in driving positive change for our planet.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with us!