SR-CROSSFIBER – The crosswalk lighting reinvented

Probably a lot of you don’t know, but more than 2 decades ago, when SERNIS started, its core business was Optical Fiber. A few years later, SERNIS entered the Road Safety market and we have been improving road safety since then.

After all this time we went full circle and decided to reinvent the crosswalk lighting using Optical Fiber.


Do you know?

Pedestrian fatalities are 3 to 6.75 times more likely at night. Several studies have found that pedestrian injuries at nighttime are typically reduced by roughly half by illumination (Schwab et al., 1982, Elvik, 1995, Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage, 1992).


With this in mind, we decided to reinvent crosswalk lighting.



SR-CROSSFIBER it´s a pixelized and interactive precast concrete pavement that uses optical fiber to increase the visibility of the crosswalk for the drivers.

It conciliates the safety, easy maintenance, easy installation of optical fiber with the higher durability, safety and easy maintenance of the concrete.


Can be used in crosswalks, roads, highways, airports, railways, for outdoor and indoor pavement pixelization for safety lighting or advertising solutions.

SR-CROSSFIBER is available in several colors.

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