SR-CITY-BALI-W | Nature Unobtrusive Flexible Bollards

SR-CITY-BALI-W are specially developed for green areas in cities -public gardens, natural parks, activity centers, playgrounds and nearby forests - providing security without disturbing the natural look and atmosphere of the environment.

Green Areas in Cities

Green areas in cities - public gardens, natural parks, playgrounds and nearby forests - answer a variety of city residents’ needs, ranging from ecological values to recreational functions.

Apart from providing aesthetic value, they also play a huge role in public health promotion, contributing to a better quality of life of the inhabitants.

Since people are more active, the use of these green areas has been increasing and cities need to found ways to keep them secure while encouraging engagement.




SR-CITY-BALI-W flexible bollards can be categorized as mass and feature:

- Mass: are used to define boundaries of space;

- Feature: are located at points of entry, street intersections or activity centers.


SR-CITY-BALI-W are used in green areas projects to keep spaces “open” and accessible to pedestrians without disturbing the natural look of the environment, whilst providing effective traffic control.


Green areas in cities are primarily recreational and dominated by children so SR-CITY-BALI-W are flexible, making them fun and encouraging a sense of safety, play and engagement to the passerby/user.