SR-CITY-BALI-TL: Now Accepting Orders

SR-CITY-BALI-TLis ready to produce! We just want to let you know that you can place your order to this cutting edge flexible bollard with LED lights on top developed thinking about distracted walkers. Designed to be at walkers angle of view when they are looking at their phones, the new flexible bollard alerts pedestrians if it is safe to cross the street or not.

The urban mobility paradigm is changing and Smart Cities have to keep up with this change. Nowadays people spend more time outside: walking, cycling, riding e-scooters, playing with kids or walking the dogs. 

The new mobility paradigm in urban areas came also with a lot of people looking at their cellphones instead of paying attention to their surroundings.

Distracted driving is a well-established problem, but the problem of distracted walking is a relatively new one. Each year, more and more people are injured and killed as a result of using their cell phones while walking or crossing the street. 

SR-CITY-BALI-TL has been developed thinking about distracted walkers. The light on the top of the bollard is at the angle of view of a pedestrian who is looking at a cellphone. Connected with the pedestrian crossing traffic lights, the LED on top of the bollard changes from red to green – according to the pedestrian crossing traffic lights -, alerting pedestrians if it is safe to cross the street or not.