SERNIS made the best even better

Last year we presented SR-50 - THE MOST POWERFUL, RESISTANT AND FLAT ROAD STUD ON THE MARKET - but at SERNIS we are always working on new ways to improve things and this year we made the best even better.

As seen on Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016, this innovative road stud can be rotated after installed (allowing you to adjust the road stud light direction after having been installed on the road).

The stainless steel and aluminum body house up to 4 power LEDs and can have unidirectional or bi-directional LED configuration.

The new improved SR-50 still have all of that AND MORE.


This hardwired road stud is very much at home in harsh conditions and is snow plough-resistant.

We made an upgrade to all the mechanical structure to improve its resistance. 

SR-50 is the most powerful road stud... now even more resistant.


One of the most innovative thing about SR-50 is its rotation feature but maybe you just need the most powerful, resistant and flat road stud on the market (without the rotation) for your next project.

Thinking of that, we developed a new version of SR-50without the rotation feature at a more attractive price.

SR-50 can be integrated with control traffic devices and is suitable for applications in roads, tunnels, parks and airports.