NEW SR-CROSSLED-150: Smaller Size Same Visual Impact

SR-CROSSLED range developed by SERNIS may be the most promising technology to reduce crosswalk accidents related to distractions – by drivers and pedestrians. 

We could have stopped with SR-CROSSLED-S, but we are always working to find new ways to improve road safety so we developed SR-CROSSLED-150: smaller in size but with the same visual impact. The reduced size allows easier installation.

This model can be installed in crosswalk entries and zebra crossings.

It is the perfect device to alert distracted drivers and pedestrians when they are approaching the crosswalk. The large lighted area has a great visual impact, making it almost impossible for oncoming drivers and pedestrians to overlook them

SR-CROSSLED-150 has a low profile (flat on the surface), ensuring that it will not disturb circulation.

The SR-CROSSLED-150 was designed with urban design in mind, to have just a minimal effect on the aesthetic of the road scheme/urban design. Its application in old historic towns and city centers increases the safety and visibility of crosswalks at night while also conserving the scenic character of the streets at night. Its simple design blends very well with the urban environment.

The SR-CROSSLED-150 may be utilized as a decorative street lighting fixture for urban illuminationenhancing the surrounding landscape.


Ready for all the roads

This solution features a robust and long-lasting structure with high strength, as proven by certification by European Standard EN124, class D400. Tests have demonstrated that after applying the 5 preloads of 2/3 of the test force (266,3 kN), the load was raised to the test force of 400 kNAfter applying a force of 400 kN for 30 s, the SR-CROSSLED-150 showed no evidence of cracking/fracture and resisted the corresponding maximum force of the specified class.

SR-CROSSLED-150 has protection index IP68 and IK10.

The anti-skidding treatment on the surface will avoid slipping accidents on motorcycles and bikes.

This road safety solution is completely waterproof. The magic gel protects every element inside.

The installation procedure is quite straightforward, and maintenance is less expensive and time-consuming than other alternatives on the marketminimizing disruptions to circulation throughout this process.

Unlike other comparable systems on the market, SR-CROSSLED-150’s structure enables easy and rapid maintenance and replacement of the electronic module in the crosswalkwithout the need to drill holes and remove the entire device from the soil. This is critical in this sort of application since it eliminates the need for road cuttings and the associated expenditures.

SR-CROSSLED-150 has robust construction - top made of stainless-steel alloy with polycarbonate - with high strength, allowing it to be used in any type of traffic application


Intensive LEDs with very low power consumption

SR-CROSSLED-150 is available with white or RGB LEDs. The RGB version will work according to traffic lights.

The wired system can be powered by electric or solar energy. It has very low power consumption.

Explore the new SR-CROSSLED-150 here.