Meet SR-BALI 2021 Version

SR-BALI was been in the market for more than one decade. It is the best seller high tech flexible bollard in the world, but we wanted to adapted it to the new times.

SR-BALI 2021 linear version has a more simple, modern and clean design with enhanced high memory effect and impact resistance, allowing it to return to original form almost instantly.

3M reflective tape with high reflectivity and glass elements provides greater visibility at night.

This new version is also resistant to light and heavy vehicles and has UV protection for greater durability.

SR-BALI is ideal for area delimitation and road delimitation.

Find the perfect combination: it is available in many colors and sizes for all kind of application.



To make SR-BALI maintenance easier, SERNIS developed three new accessories.

SR-BALI new Rubber Washer and Plastic Washer are rings made of rubber or plastic to improve the maintenance process. It must be installed at the bottom of the bollard to prevent ingress of glue to the base.

SR-BALI new Maintenance Accessory is used for maintenance procedures of the bollards, making it easier to attach or detach the bollard from the pavement.

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