Meet PC500 New Version

At SERNIS, we believe that there is always room to improvement and 2020 gave us the time to understand in what ways we could improve PC500 to give it more features, make it more user friendly and have a clean design.

The most important new feature on PC500 is the PC500 Bootloader that allows the firmware and features of the PC500 to be upgraded at the installation siteYou can simply use the USB interface and an application installed on your laptop to upgrade the PC500 firmware. This way, it can be updated without the need to be reprogrammed at the factory.

PC500 has a new IP65 Box with more space – so it can have more features.

The new design also includes Power Output’s with Short-circuit protection.

What is IP65?

- Totally protected against dust

- Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions


But wait, there's more!

Road Safety projects are becoming more complex so we decided to develop the PC500 Plus Version. By adding expansion boards, you can extend the features of the standard version of the PC500: 

- Higher number of Digital Inputs (by request)

- Higher number of Analogic Inputs/Outputs (by request)

- Higher number of Power Outputs (by request)



- Power Outputs with current sensor (NEW)

- USB Interface for memory stick (NEW) (Memory Stick not included)

- Communication EIA/TIA-485 (NEW)

- 3.3V TTL Logic (NEW)

- LAN Interface to support MODBUS TCP (NEW)

- RF Communication for Synchronization and Configuration (NEW)

- Dry Contact Output (NEW)

- RS232 Communication (NEW)

- Bluetooth Communication (NEW)

- Wi-Fi Communication (NEW)

- 3G/4G Communication

- NB-IoT Communication (NEW)