Lighting Down Pedestrian Crosswalks With SRL-U2H7

SRL-U2H7 is an Internally Illuminated Crosswalk Overhead Sign with cold white LEDs that project laterally towards the pavement, improving pedestrian safety by illuminating the crosswalk.

This sign is the perfect illumination for crosswalks. Since it is double sided, it warns upcoming traffic from both directions and its downlight improves driver’s visibility, enabling them to see pedestrians even before they begin to cross the road.

The design of the downlight prevents dust, insects, and moisture from entering the sign box.

The product is designed and manufactured in Portugal ensuring product quality and reliability.

SERNIS is intent on developing solutions that take into consideration the reduction of waste and environmental impact. For this reason, the technology used in SRL-U2H7 dramatically reduces power consumption, have a long lifetime and requires little maintenance.

Partner's Feedback

“We used SRL-U2H7 signs for a 2x pedestrian crossings for the municipality of Lansingerland in the Netherlands. We implemented our intelligent pedestrian crossing solution including road studs and thermal sensors to detect pedestrians. SRL-U2H7 are integrated into this solution. That means that when a pedestrian is detected in the evening the light intensity will increase in order to light up the whole crossing including the pedestrian. Once the pedestrian has been crossed over, the light of the signs will dim to save energy and light pollution.

SRL-U2H7 makes the crossings safer for the pedestrians especially for the children from the primary school in that area”.

Mimoun Salemi | Sysconnect CEO


Learn more about SRL-U2H7 here.