Is This the Road Stud that You're Looking for?

SERNIS is the world's leading Road Stud specialist and our Road Studs have been at the forefront of innovation and technology road safety over the past 20 years

SERNIS has a wide range of Road Studs and we manufacture and engineered every single one customized to your project needs, but we know sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect Road Stud for your project.

Our team is always available to answer all your questions and help you find the Road Stud that you need, but we developed a Road Stud's matrix and we want to share it with you to help you find the Road Stud that you're looking for!


Download Road Studs Matrix!


All Road Studs are designed, engineered and manufactured in Portugal ensuring product quality and reliability.


But don't just take our word for it - read what Susan Versteeg, Office Manager from Fijen TMLS BV, have to say about SERNIS Road Studs.

"Fijen has been a partner for more than 5 years and has already made many projects with SERNIS products. We are satisfied with the quality of wired Road Studs and have never had to replace a unit with a technical malfunction. The reliability/quality and visibility of the Road Studs are very high.

SERNIS has a lot of in-house technical knowledge that we gratefully use. In addition to standard projects, Fijen is happy to provide tailor-made solutions and gratefully cooperates with SERNIS to implement the technically requested requirements of a product or project in reality.

Fijen also likes to work with SERNIS to develop new products such as the use of special multicolor Road Studs. The communication is fast and clear with reliable information.

We make a lot of projects with our partners recommended the SR-45 for crossing places to increase road safety for cyclists and motorists. The Road Studs in the road surface warn for example motorists of approaching cyclists.

In addition to the projects that Fijen has in the Netherlands, products are also purchased that we use for road safety in the Middle East. We use the Flexible Bollards (SR-BALI) for marking the graded roads. We install the Flexible Bollards in a prefab concrete block who will be installed in the sand. Flexible Bollards have the important property to retain color and have a high quality. The black color is for visibility during the day and the reflection for visibility in the night”.