Do Flexible Bollards Keep You Safe?

Nowadays, driving a car is synonymous with danger, since there are more and more distractions available to us than ever before. Some drivers are overconfident in their driving abilities, while others use their mobile devices while driving. Any of these acts have the potential to result in life-threatening scenarios.

Distracted driving and distracted walking are the main reason why we at SERNIS concentrate our efforts on identifying new ways to catch attention from road users.

Flexible bollards are vividly colored and have high-reflective tape and crystals that greatly improve the driver’s perception. Due to their high visibility effect, these bollards have the capability of preventing serious accidents from occurring.

What is a flexible bollard?

A flexible bollard is designed to separate pedestrian/bike areas from traffic in high-traffic areas. It can also be used to control road traffic, restrict entrances and exits to exclusive zones, monitor traffic, and prevent ram-raiding attacks.  

When a vehicle collides with a flexible post, it will just make a noisy sound and stop the car for moving. Flexible bollards are built with high-reflective tapes and crystals, making them visible even in low light or at night.

Flexible Bollard Flex Bollard Flexible Post Delineator

What kind of protection can a flexible bollard offer?

Flexible bollards serve as a visual reference for cars, indicating where they can go, however, they also bend in the event of a collision to prevent damage to vehicles or to the bollard itself.

Flexible bollards reduce collision damage

If a vehicle accidentally hits a flexible bollard post, this will simply spring back in action, causing little to no damage to the vehicle. These traffic bollards are usually employed for parking spaces in commercial or residential zones due to the fact that drivers are more often required to reverse their cars.

Flexible Bollard Flex Bollard Flexible Post Delineator

Flexible bollards and traffic calming

If a car collides with a flexible bollard post, it will merely bounce back into place, causing the vehicle little to no harm.

Flex bollards are extremely visible, even at night

Flexible bollards are particularly useful at night because they have reflective tapes with high reflectivity for greater visibility at night.

Flexible postsare typically used to demarcate vulnerable zones, but they can also serve as a tactile warning for vehicles when used on highways. 

Flexible bollards are easy to install

Flexible bollards are easy to install and require little to no maintenance. 

Flexible bollard advantages

  • High memory effect and impact resistance
  • Resistant to light and heavy vehicles
  • Return to original form almost instantly
  • UV protection for greater durability
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Many colors and sizes for all kind of applications
  • Easy installation

In conclusion, if you are looking for an effective manner to make a clear distinction between pedestrian/bike and vehicle traffic, shield a building from damage or simply boost the overall appearance of a location, Flexible posts are your best option.

Contact SERNIS sales team to find the flexible bollard ideal for your project.