Speed Meter Display Data Cloud is a solar-powered system developed to inform drivers of their speed. The device has three digits of 25cm in height with bright LEDs on a large display, making it visible at great distances, showing it with a friendly warning smiley faces for each speed range. SERNIS’s Speed Meter is highly effective in controlling traffic and has a proven result on those who are driving significantly over the speed limit. In order to improve road safety, it can be particularly positive when used on residential streets and near school zones. Once drivers refocus attention on speed, they change their behavior for the better. However, this isn’t a simple Your Speed Sign. What makes SRL-SMDDC a distinct road safety product is its Data Cloud. Accessing its interface, the administrator will have access to data like battery voltage level monitoring, graphical view of battery level, real-time communication status, and installation site location. The key feature of SRL-SMDDC Data Cloud is the graphical view of speed and count report here it is possible to see and analyze the minimum, average and maximum speed (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly). It will also show data on detected vehicles (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly), the hour of most detected vehicles during the day, the day of most detected vehicles during the week, week of most detected vehicles during the month and month of most detected vehicles during the year. This kind of information will be very important to analyze the traffic in those areas and create measures to improve road safety. The interface allows the administrator to export data for “.csv” format. The administrator can edit or remove devices from the platform, have multiple devices in the same platform (administrator and user accounts), and create, edit, or remove users. Multiple parameters are configurable in the platform: minimum display speed, maximum display speed, day brightness, night brightness, and configurable display time.



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