SERNIS SR-BALI - Flexible bollards - are a sophisticated traffic technology and a useful tool to delineate traffic lanesand improve road safety. The application of bollards can reduce significantly the average speed and disallowing dangerous actions as overrunning or changing lanes. SR-BALI is available in several sizes and colors. Its versatility make them ideal for many traffic applications. They can be used in roads, highways, urban places and pedestrian areas where vehicles should not pass, providing safety and protection. The bollards are also exceptionally durable and easy to install. SERNIS provides flexible bollards SR-BALI for delineation and barriers, with a high memory material, ultraviolet protection and reflective tapes. Its flexible construction is able to absorb the impact which protects the integrity and reduces damages to vehicles. Product test report results showed that after 1000 hits, SR-BALI still comes back to original position.



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